The most effective way to improve the soil composition is to enrich its structure with useful substances. Applying fertilizers to agricultural field as plant nutrients we supplement required elements found naturally in the soil, allowing to grow crops of higher yield.

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The value of fertilizers

Fertilizers have a beneficial effect on soil, transforming its structure at  physical and chemical level, positively affecting plants water and air nutrition and as a result – significantly increasing their energy and vitality without affecting the environment as well as the surrounding ecosystem When used rationally,  fertilizers are an endless resource for agronomy; they serve to improve the quality of cultivated crops and reduce the overall financial burden on agricultural enterprises and agro-industrial complexes.

Quality assurance

We supply only high-quality original fertilizers produced  by well-known recognized manufacturers that meet international safety and environmental standards. All our deliveries are followed by full dossier of relevant documentation and corresponding certificates.

Our offers

We offer the best achievements of world agricultural chemistry for both organic and conventional farming – that is a wide range of fertilizers for a variety of crops along with highly effective technologies of their application, together working to maximize the outcome at all stages. Our  professional consulting support is always at your disposal; if necessary, an inspection to cultivated lands is held.

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