Wheat flour

Wheat flour

The main purpose of our mill complex is the production and sale of products for baking industry and agriculture, fitting exact applications of our customers.

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Quality matters

The flour quality depends on the natural characteristics of ground grain and strict compliance with technological stages of its production.  To ensure that the flour meets necessary requirements and has high baking properties, we select the best grains of proven wheat varieties. The advanced systems of automotive production processes administration are applied at our milling complex. The high quality of our flour is being achieved by rationally and thoroughly composed grinding batches, which ensure its optimal properties. In addition, we custom-formulate the right bakery mix to suit your specific needs.

We create new brands

An outstanding position in the extensive line of our milling products is taken by the innovative brand “Grano” developed by our best experts with their own unique technology.

Flour brand “Granо” is distinguished by its whiteness and impeccable baking properties. It is ideal for lush pastry, cakes, homemade cookies and in preparation of diverse assortment of dishes.

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