Wheat, corn, barley, rye and other types of cereals are the most important and main product of our food, raw materials and feed in economic activities. They are in growing demand in the global market and Grando Invest is ready to provide you with the necessary assortment and amount of supply.

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Guaranteed Grain Quality

When choosing wheat and other crops, you need to be sure not only in the original quality, but also in its safe delivery.

We know everything about grain – we work with trusted suppliers, carefully process and carry out analyses, store and undertake transportation in accordance with the highest standards. Grando Invest offers you the best ground grains, thus everyone-from manufacturer to consumer of the end product remains satisfied with the right choice of dealing with us

Professional consultancy

It is very important to choose the right type of raw material, depending on the specifics of the products. Our experts know which varieties and quality characteristics will suit your future goals the best. For utmost confidence, company’s experts will advise you on any questions and help you place your order, taking into account all your production guidelines and wishes for the delivery time.

Proof of finance for sustainable business

For a stable supply of products throughout the year, we purchase crops. Whether it is wheat, barley, corn or rye – we are talking about large volumes and parties, and, consequently, the investment of substantial cash. For seven years, Grando Invest has been cooperating with the largest enterprises for the production and processing of these crops, strictly complying with financial obligations for settlements and making perspective investments in agriculture.

Our advantages in logistics

Backed up by years of experience Grando Invest is the one who provides your business with a profitable geographical strategy. Our expert technical support coordinates all the delivery stages for consistently reliable results. Our motto – with a global purchasing system – to a worldwide sales network.

We carry out the supply of milling and feed class grain crops

Wheat grain

Сorn grain



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