Legumes are universal products that fully satisfy human need for protein, vitamins and minerals. Legumes are extremely popular all around the world, with their consumption growing yearly both in developed and developing countries.

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The value of legumes

The use of legumes in the food industry is diverse and in addition to high nutritional benefit is recommended as an excellent way to enhance and heathen the human body.

In terms of protein content legumes are superior to meat products, moreover, vegetable protein is much easier for digesting, serving as an excellent alternative for vegetarians. It is also considered that legumes  can improve food security in the world.

Our vast experience in legumes supply

To satisfy consumers demands, Grando Invest offers various crops such as lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans, soybeans and feed crops. We  respond to the needs of the contemporaneous market, following trends in the food industry and its healthy tendencies. Having considerable experience in all over the world supplies, we provide direct deliveries of a variety of legumes, taking into account the special needs of your region and your  market segment.

Become our partner and get an extra advantage of our competitive prices and extending product line, that meets all international quality and packaging requirements.

Supplied legumes

Yellow peas, beans




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