Oilseeds include plants whose seeds and fruits contain fat and are raw materials for obtaining vegetable oil of great nutritional and technical importance. Their amazing value is provided by the content of protein, amino acids and vitamins. Their amazing value is provided by the content of protein, amino acids, vitamins.

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We offer the most common crops – such as soybean, sunflower, rape, flax.  Grando Invest supplies more than 30 thousand tons of oilseeds annually. The main direction of export of these crops for our company is the Asia-Pacific region, which includes 58 countries and regions. High nutritional value, variety of intended use, excellent price and quality make oilseeds an increasingly important part of our trade range.

We support organic farming

To get more oil, you need to create the necessary conditions for the right growing conditions of plants. We pay a lot of attention to the study of trends in mechanization of sowing and harvesting, development of new varieties, general culture of agriculture – as  these factors determine the harvest of oilseeds. We encourage and support our suppliers who provide us with quality raw materials. We also invest in organic farming, offering non-GMO products that comply with European regulations.

We evolve along with the market

Grando invest sees potential in the growing market of oilseed products consumption. Our objectives are to widen the list of crops, to increase the volume of deliveries in accordance with the customers’ requests, to provide competitive prices and fast delivery to any port you might request.

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