Our benefits

Our benefits

Ships Earth


Execution of contractual obligations

We strictly comply with the terms of delivery in accordance with international standards of economic activity.

Our company accurately fulfills its obligations to business partners. We are interested in long-term, open and fair business relations, establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with contractors.

Developed logistic connections

We are able to deliver products to any part of the world by using our optimized and tailored logistic solutions – safe, responsible, trustful.

There are no geographical restrictions for our company; we promptly carry out the shipping work, regardless the cargo quantity and distances. Our profound working knowledge and established logistics network at global and local markets allow us to be flexible in terms of delivery and payment.

We are ready to execute the most effective supply of goods for our partners:

  1. Overland (road / rail transportation)
  2. Marine (heavy cargo ships and containers)

Safe your time without sacrificing the quality.

Responsibility for goods quality

We conduct a large -scale analysis on product quality indicators to ensure compliance with international norms and standards

An important task of our company is to meet the requirements of our customers in regards of quality and safety of products.

We rely on high professionalism and extensive experience of our specialists in the agricultural sector. Their competence allows to carry out strict control of production that confirms our utmost business responsibility.

We are concerned about your special needs

We study and analyze the market to determine the best strategies for our partners business objectives

Our deep understanding of customer perceptions and needs help them get to market faster. Company’s analysts investigate local and international agricultural market trends and new logistics resources. Grando Invest values its reputation, so we specify in detail all the essential terms of the contract and adapt your requests to the real circumstances/

We support you all the way through the justified business decisions, contributing to common benefit.